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Wanted Bayko No1 (Upcoming Film)

Wanted Bayko No1

Wanted Bayko No1

Gammat (Upcoming Film)



Mazya Navryachi Baiko (Released Dec - 2013)

Mazya Navryachi Baiko

Premacha Jholjhal (Releasing 25th October 2013)

Crazy Moi Production’s first maiden film PREMACHA JHOLJHAL will be releasing on 25th October, 2013 in Maharashtra. The cast has famous Marathi actor Siddharth Jadhav in a very different role of “Popat Navre”- a world famous astrologer who is also Love Guru of Pankaj played by Bollywood actor Navin Prabhakar who is in love with Smita Gondkar, supported by Tejaswi Patil and veterans like Vijay Patkar and Priya Berde.

Premacha Jholjhal

Divorce (Released Sept - 2013)


Hip Hip Hurray (Released - 2011)

An adventurous action comedy Marathi Film directed by Shri Prasad Pawar and produced by RRR Films . Smithaa plays a young girl with fighting abilities opposite Prasad Oak.

Smita Gondkar Film

Target (Released - 2010)

A youth based Multistarer film in Marathi, directed by Vivek Gore and Rajesh Kholam. A multi characterised film where Smita plays a young disturbed college girl opposite Annkush Chowdhary.

Smita Gondkar Film Target

The Awakening (Released - 2008)

A cross over film in English produced by Mrs. Koshi Lalwani and directed by Mr. Dharam for Paradise Pictures. Smita plays the main protogonist in the movie .
A Sindhi girl born & brought up in the U.S., returns to India in Search of her roots. Falls in love while in India and reunites a broken family caused due to partition.

Smita Gondkar Film Awakening

Vijay Dinanath Chouhan (Released - 2009)

A comedy film in Marathi, directed by Mr. Shailender for Pen and Camera International.Smita plays Sheetal, a small town girl frustrated with her boyfriends habit of imitating Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, played by Ashok Shinde.
The story is about how she straightens him out to a more responsible person.

Smita Gondkar Film

Vasudev Balwant Fadke (Released - 2007)

A bilingual period film in Hindi and Marathi produced by Ramesh Dev Production.Smita plays Gopika who is Vasudev Balwant Fadke's (played by Ajinkya Dev) wife.
A young girl who sacrifieses her desires and her husband for the sake of freedom.

Smita Gondkar Film

My daddy Strongest (Upcoming Film)

A silent film directed for Rahul Kapoor by Percept Picture Company. Smita plays a special appearence in the film as Kumar Gurav's wife.

Smita Gondkar Film

Satya - More Than Human (Released - 2008)

An awareness film in Marathi focussing on the emotions of physically and mentally handicapped people directed by Pushkar Jog for S.S.J.
Flims.Smita plays Sanjana a young college girl who devotes her life to her later turned handicapped boyfriend. A right blend of a modern girl, strong Indian values and true love.

Smita Gondkar Film

Mumbaicha Dabewala (Released - 2007)

Smita Gondkar Film

Chi.Sou.Ka. Mary Fernandes (Upcoming Film)

Chi.Sou.Ka. Mary Fernandes

Gadbad Gondhad (Upcoming Film)

A Marathi film directed by Yogesh Gosawi , comedy family drama, where Smita plays a lead opposite Santosh Juyekar.

Smita Gondkar Film

Upcoming Movies

  • Bhay
  • Mr./Mrs. Unwanted
  • Machi Warla Budha
  • 18 Only
  • Gadbad Gondhal
  • Chi.Sou.Ka. Mary Fernandes
  • My Daddy Strongest

Released Movies

  • Wanted Bayko No1 - Released July - 2015
  • Just Gammat - Released Mar - 2015
  • Mazya Navryachi Baiko - Released Dec 2013
  • Premacha Jholjhal – Released Oct 2013
  • Divorce - Released Sept 2013
  • Hip Hip Hurray – 2011
  • Target – 2010
  • Vijay Deenanath Chahuhan – 2009
  • The Awakening – 2008
  • Satya – 2008
  • Mumbaicha Dabewala – 2007
  • Vasudev Balwant Phadke – 2007